Digital Consultant, Media + AI

I help organisations realise the potential – and avoid the pitfalls – of digital technologies.

I led the development of two of the UK’s most successful digital products: BBC iPlayer & BBC Sounds.

I now work with companies around the world on their digital strategy and execution and help them make sense of AI.

Picture of Dan Taylor-Watt taken by Simon Wilkinson at C21 Media Content London 2023

Product strategy

I work with a wide range of organisations, large and small, to develop their digital product strategy and execution.

Making Sense of AI

I help companies make sense of AI. How it works, how it’s being used, what it means for them and – crucially – how to respond.

Media Analysis

I analyse trends in media and technology on my Substack, on LinkedIn and elsewhere. I guest on various podcasts.


I run workshops for teams to get hands on with AI and explore how to use it to improve efficiency and quality.


I turn complex digital topics into engaging talks. Your audience leaves with actionable insights, inspired and informed.


I draw on 20+ years experience to help product leaders develop strategy, get buy-in and empower their team to deliver.